Meet the Fly Mommy

The Fly Mommy is about all the little notes that compose motherhood, from musings on parenting to choosing items from many price points for a stylish, functional, and more enjoyable family lifestyle, to tips to enjoy family travel.

My name is Karen, and I launched The Fly Mommy in 2014 after “retiring” from life as a professional violinist when my two children were ages 1 and 3. Still craving a creative outlet and needing flexibility, I decided to merge my other two passions—writing and shopping— into one.

Why fly? Well, it is an awesome thing to leave the house feeling fly, having children in tow and being fresh, organized, stylish, put together, unrushed and punctual. That even happens sometimes. More often, it is mama on the fly, doing the impossible, creating order out of chaos, and multi-tasking like a ninja. Sharing my little slice of the world with a side of coffee, wine, and occasional wit, I invite you to join me, laugh along with me, and maybe even find a little inspiration.


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