So…I tried out #stitchfix

July 22, 2015

Have you heard about #stitchfix? I had been hearing rumblings all over social media, so I decided to take the plunge. My fix: Stripe tank, dark skinnies, zebra dress, cute ...read more

My Other Mini-Me: The Cool Dude

June 19, 2015

My favorite "not-totally just wearing a flag" patriotic outfit for boys to wear all summer!  Much more fun than dressing myself--Dressing my cute kiddos! I mean, they literally ROCK everything they ...read more

{Kids in the Kitchen} Part 1: Freshly Squeezed

May 27, 2015

Kids under foot and getting into trouble in the kitchen? Put 'em to work! Easy steps to teach children basic kitchen skills. Welcome to your new "toy" aisle--the kitchen aisle at ...read more

Educational TV My Kiddos Love

May 5, 2015

I will not kid myself that my children will not watch TV when it rains all day. It will happen, but I can make the most of it. Our new (old) ...read more

Staying Dry in Style

May 4, 2015

It's Raining, It's Pouring! Good thing I've scouted out stylish raincoats at 3 price points. Ahhhh...the iconic Burberry trench! An investment piece to be sure at $1,795 is the modern Kensington ...read more

Rainy Day PSA

May 2, 2015

Next week's weather: rain, rain, and more rain. Thankfully, I have a little stash to help me keep my sanity and keep the kiddos from bouncing off the walls!   Chase, age ...read more

Spring Cleaning {Saturday Share}

April 25, 2015

Spring cleaning: It is that time of year again! Anyone else feeling overwhelmed? Going on vacation was a great paradigm shift. So nice to realize there really is, "no place like home." ...read more

Misadventures, Packing & Sacred Mom Trust

April 22, 2015

Experience is often not the kindest teacher. Allow me to share why I will always be nice when I have to complain and only travel with hard-shell luggage on all ...read more

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