Cool Cat Clothes

My mini loves shopping and picking out her own clothing and already has a strong sense of style. Her latest obsession: Cats.

Toddler Girls' Line Dress - Almond Cream

Toddler Girls’ A-Line Dress – Almond Cream

She knows all the cool girls juxtapose a fancy dress with sneaks.

She knows all the cool girls juxtapose a fancy dress with sneaks #proudmama

The Shy Little Kitten line at Target is my daughter’s new favorite thing to wear. I love it too–the vintage-inspired print, the “not-so-in-your-face” graphic T, and there are coordinating shoes (which are currently on sale BOGO 50% off). Fashion maven mamas will appreciate this whimsical, affordable nod to Charlotte Olympia’s classic cat flats. Plus, what little girl wouldn’t want to wear sparkly cat shoes? Well, apparently mine prefers her Nikes, but I am all about clothing that helps the getting ready process in the morning be a more joyful experience.

Sweet T

Sweet T

My little fashionista was also drawn to the Cherokee kitty face outfits. I love the tunic length that makes it easy to wear for active play, and the mint color is so nice on little girls. Since we have entered (already?!) the phase of her choosing her own clothing, it is nice to have options that we both feel good about.

Cat Woman

Cat Woman (in store only at Target)

Infant set available online. Dying over the polka dot pants!

Infant set available online. Dying over the polka dot pants!

I mostly love this development in my daughter being able to express her creativity and independence. Guiding a strong-willed two-year-old to choose seasonally appropriate, activity appropriate (e.g. wearing a dress to soccer) styles can be exhausting some mornings, however! Hopefully, I can save a little money on the clothing budget (or avoid wasted purchases) on things she simply does not like to wear with her input going forward. Sweater material, even if it is the spiffiest Hanna Andersson sweater dress in the universe, will never, ever be worn. Ugg boots, even on sale, seemed an outrageous extravagance until they were literally the only shoes my daughter would wear for 9 months straight, and happily put them on by herself each and every day. Please don’t tell the Ugg Co. that I would have gladly paid double for those little miracle boots!

As a mother attempting to at least appear that I have my act together, my daughter’s fashion choices and complete disregard for any type of headband or even having her hair brushed have made me cringe on occasion. But while I love seeing the neat little girls with their pretty hair bows and, you know, matching clothing, I also love being comfortable with who my child is and how she expresses herself through fashion. Frilly dress, crazy cat-lady outsits, sneakers, and wild woman hair? I love it to the moon and back.