Easy Fourth of July Fun: Kid-Friendly Bike Parade

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do…

I know I have been quiet this week, but I had a good reason–I wasn’t just sitting around in jammies sipping wine–although, full disclosure, there was some wine. I volunteered to organize social events for my neighborhood, and we had our first block party Saturday that started off with an adorable bike parade. I keep seeing posts circulate about the “lost village” of parents no longer banding together, and that resonates with me as well, so I wanted to do something to make a difference about it.

Taking a little decorating break with these cuties

Taking a little decorating break with these cuties

I love having a sense of community and knowing who all the children and their parents are on my street.

Mixed Race children talking with cans and string

Hey, neighbor! Let’s sit a spell and chat

I think most people like to connect on that level, so it was worth a bit of extra work to get everyone outside to play. So, with July 4th coming up, I wanted to share a bit about the bike parade the kiddos did, because it was really fun, super cute, and appealed to a wide age range. Since it was my first time being grand marshall of a children’s bike parade, I have some ideas to make it better for next year too.

Starting line with customizable sign from Party City that we carried down the street with us

Bike decorating station

Bike decorating station

My idea was to have everyone come together to do the decorating, and it worked out pretty well. I requested neighbors clean out their craft drawers and donate the supplies, but I also ended up buying a few more fun things like pinwheels, and flags, and practical things like extra scissors and tape.

My change for next year would be to have the kids mostly decorate at home and skip that group step so they could get more elaborate, if they wanted to do so, and be able to really stick the decorations on securely. We left a bit of [g]litter on the street!

My son loved getting to hog the road!

My son was not super into the decorating, but loved getting to hog the road on his Schwinn Little Tiger

Speaking of the street, we went through the process of closing our street for the afternoon of the party. There were still a few cars, but I think it was much safer and worth the trouble.

My other change for next year would be to use a pace car. With the different ages, our group broke apart before we arrived at the sundae station. It also seems like the easiest way to play some nice loud John Phillip Sousa marches to add to the festive spirit. Being a nerdy musician continues to pay off in unexpected ways!

Mommy's little "Hell's Angel"

Mommy’s little “Hell’s Angel”

My son is in his usual #miniboden [shirt][shorts]

On my daughter: Hanna Andersson shirt is sold out [similar][bike shorts]. Huge sale at Hanna right now, so stock up!

She is riding the AWESOME, easy for parent to push and to steer Joovy Tricycle. Easy to assemble too!

On mom [dress] my Christian Siriano (holla, Project Runway fans!) are sold out but these [similar sunnies] are only $16.99

So, have fun, get outside with your neighbors, and get creative. Bike decorating is an easy, fun summer activity, and if you need inspo, head over to my Pinterest Board for a few gazillion ideas for ways to trick out your kiddo’s trike! xoxo Karen