Rainbow Birthday Photo Blog

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Hi Everyone!

It has been awhile…Ever feel like you’ve been hit by the truck known as life? Yeah, me too. Five rounds of stomach flu, hubby in the hospital with a kidney stone, losing our dog, losing a grandfather—it has been kind of a rough year. I may have more to say on those topics once I have a little time and space from them, but for now, I’d like to share what was a really special day and helped cheer us all up—Chase’s 6th birthday party! He chose “rainbow” as his theme this year and wanted to have his party at home. He is our rainbow baby, and has always loved the image of the rainbow, the order to the colors, so his theme suited him perfectly. It was a little bit of a trick to have it be more gender-neutral, but I found a few rainbow party ideas on Pinterest, and I think it worked.

“You color my world” goodie bags with rainbow-colored modeling clay. Paper chain came pre-cut from Party City, just FYI because I couldn’t link it. Kiddos loved making it!

Pinterest jello fail 😉

Hand kite craft

Awesome cupcakes from Queen B’s Kitchen for local peeps https://www.facebook.com/queenbeeskitch/


Hope you enjoyed these cheerful pictures as much as I enjoyed putting all the elements together! I included my shopping list below. Xo, Karen