Sick Days & Educational YouTube



Hi Everyone!

It has been a long week…The big kid got his first ever ear infection last Tuesday, and has barely improved with antibiotics. Back to the doctor today for a re-check and different prescription. Hopefully this one will do the trick! Poor kiddo has been coughing all night long for the past week and hasn’t gotten any rest. Everyone is off from being out of their routine, but I am just going with the flow. Being sick is just a fact of life with kiddos, and I have gotten to a place of acceptance with it. Plus, a little down time, plenty of cuddles, and just being together all day with no agenda is ok with me every so often.

That said, we are all exhausted and not feeling well. Parenting has kicked into “survival mode” and the iPads and television are being used liberally. It hasn’t been all bad, however. Being a music nerd, I love me a catchy educational song to help memorize information. Mother Goose Club’s Eight Planets song has been on replay at our house, and we can all sing it by heart. It has been such a hit with my son that he has drawn the solar system and has been writing all the names of the planets every day. He is singing it for his daddy and me in the photos above. His poor little dark circles and cracked lip, and his sweet little voice just got us both. Love that kid.

Give it a try, and I can bet that you will find yourself humming it too. You’re welcome! xo, Karen