Stylish Girls’ Day: Library Story Time





Hi Everyone!

A little post for your viewing pleasure about our trip to library story time at the new DeKalb Public Library today. These types of children’s community events have not been my mini’s favorite, but I decided to give it another go, plus, I was interested in seeing the new building. The new addition is a breathtaking, gorgeous, airy space. Mini was excited to run right in, and we quickly settled into our spot on the floor on the adorable yellow mat. As a former music teacher, I felt that the set up was a bit of a jumble (why not seat all the children in a big circle?) and the next moment another child accidentally tripped and fell onto my daughter. Even though it was an accident, it was frustrating that it was completely avoidable with a better organized seating plan and the other mama felt really badly about it. We sang a song, read a nicely summarized non-fiction book about owls, and did a finger play on “5 Little Owls.” At that point another child vomited. Time to go! Never a dull moment in mom life!

We wandered around enjoyed some of the other reading nooks and play areas, particularly the Lego wall. My mini really loved it and had so much fun helping herself to all the books. All in all, it was a good outing, and the new library makes it to my list of indoor activities perfect for winter days.

Speaking of winter—My coat is old, but I still loooove it and I found an even better one of the same designer that I linked. Black with tan and white is such an easy, classic color combination. Plus I prefer to let my mini rock the bright pink instead of clashing with her. I was also excited to carry my “new to me” Céline “Edge” handbag as well. It is roomy enough for my camera, wallet, diapers and wipes! After 5 years, I’m so ready to move on from diaper bags. . .Check out Trendlee for luxury, designer handbags that elevate even the most basic outfit. I love finding, oftentimes, brand new items for far below retail, and Céline is not sold online otherwise. I also added a link to my new favorite item for my kiddos–EZ socks. Anyone else get tired of that winter putting-on-the-kids’-socks grind? The colors and styles are completely adorable too. You’ll thank me later, I promise!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! xo, Karen