Tips for Making New Mom Friends for the Stationary Obsessed

How many of my readers have met another mom at school, music lessons, swimming or a play group who you instantly just “click” with? And bonus, the kiddos are about the same age and get along really well too! Except after the initial introductions are made and a sleepless night or otherwise distracted week passes until the next get together, you see the potential new friend only to greet her with, “Hey…you.” I am a firm believer that “mom brain” is a real thing, and that it may progressively get worse in time. I am the worst at remembering names these days, so I need all the help I can get to be less awkward.

I recently found what I think is a good solution: Mom Cards. I was perusing thank you notes for my daughter’s birthday gifts—these, these and these are super adorable by the way, and a great tool for emerging writers to color or pen their own notes—when I noticed “mom cards” as one of the choices in the navigation. There were lots of clever options for moms to be able to easily network, exchange contact information, and even list children’s allergies for future play dates. Of course I had to order some for myself along with a cute card case! After all, momming is a full time gig and having a biz card is a nice way to give this job the legit professional status it deserves. Giving the card to a potential new friend serves as a nice “ice breaker” too when trying to get to know someone better and perfect for back-to-school time when we are meeting many new people at once.

XO, Karen