Trendy Target Tootsies

Clean Up in the Shoe Aisle! Found myself in Target on a little shopping date with my mini this week and I couldn’t decide which pair of these designer looks for less I liked best…so I brought them all home. I may have a problem! I blame the extra shot in the salted caramel mocha…and the cake pop.


Women’s Lainee Pumps $29.99


Sam & Libby Orianna Pumps $39.99


Sam & Libby Daisy Pumps $39.99


Ciarra Lace Up Booties $34.99 AKA the affordable hybrid version of the St Laurent and Balenciaga booties.


A+ Melody Booties $44.99. Great alternative to these much more expensive boots.

Sam & Libby Audrey Booties $44.99

Sam & Libby Audrey Booties $44.99  save you over $200 by my calculations. Practically pay for themselves! Plus faux suede is much less scary for mom life.

Hard at work on official Flymommy business ;)

Hard at work on official Flymommy business 😉

The price points, comfort, and style are a winning combo in my book. I challenge you to buy only one pair on your next Target run. The current styles with the straps, laces, and leopard may only stick around for a season or two, and it is a great way to dip your toes into the trends. Each pair is its own little outfit-maker added to simple skinny jeans and a T. No, the leopard d’orsay pumps are not Mahnolo quality or materials, but one tip I can share is that feet are pretty far away from the eyes, so fashionable “fun” shoes are the place to save a little cash. More money for handbags that way! xo, Karen