Winter White Wishlist

Hi Everyone! Please try not to laugh too hard at my first attempts using my iPhone as a remote shutter for the new camera. My face is like <<CONCENTRATION>> hahaha! I obviously still need to master the timer functionality, but at least the iPhone in hand pose looks pretty natural for me. I wanted to share a couple of really special winter white outfit makers I’ve recently added to my arsenal. I like shopping in general, but coats, handbags, accessories and shoes are my weakness! I feel like it is nice to have something special to wear whilst trudging through that Midwestern slush to make it all seem more bearable, especially in January. Plus, literally all anyone is going to see for the next two months is my coat, so that makes it a justifiable splurge, yes? I’d love to have one of those pared-down, lovely closets with tons of empty space and only like 8 fabulous pieces staged in it. Investment pieces get me closer to that goal. If less is more, then more is less–fashion logic.

I love grounding winter white with little touches of black, and the plaid stole has hand-warmer pockets. It looks equally fab with a black coat (styled here in┬ámy Instagram account). The ‘Sandringham’ coat comes in 14 colors, and I linked to the Burberry site for the best selection of sizes and colors. I was able to nab mine when Nordstrom put it on sale, but it sold out quickly, so watch for deals if it is a “must have” and really makes your heart sing. Fitting note: I also had to size up two entire sizes as it is very narrow across the bust. Plan on getting alterations.

Any other coat collectors out there? xo, Karen